The Faculty’s Director of (Learning and Teaching) Enhancement leads the Academy, as well as chairing the Enhancement Group for Higher Educational Development (EGHED) who help shape and support the academy. The role of the Enhancement Group for Higher Educational Development committee is to facilitate the implementation and discussion of best practice in pedagogy that can enhance the delivery and support of learning within the Faculty. The Committee’s remit is to enhance the student experience as it relates to learning and teaching and help to carry out the main objectives of the five Year Enhancement Strategy. The committee consists of key Student Education and Pedagogy staff members from across the Faculty.

The Enhancement & Innovation Team provide support and advice to Business School colleagues on a range of learning technology related topics – including how to enhance your use of the VLE, how to mark online, and how to use a range of learning technologies to augment existing teaching methods. The Student Education Communications Officer is responsible for the communication with The Academy’s target audiences, including teaching staff and professional staff and partners.

Alice Shepherd
Andy Smith
Catherine Wilkinson
Dominique Lelievre
Emilee Simmons
Emma Liu
Jennie Robinson
Julia Braham
Juliane Scheffel
Michael Reynolds
Nick Scott
Sarah Underwood
Sean Gledhill
Tao Jiang
Tony Byng